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Become a LLR consultant

Once you fell in love with your pair of  buttery leggings, you thought wouldn’t every woman love them too?  Why not look into selling these amazing products?  Included in their line of products are not only leggings, but dresses, skirts, shirts, vests, etc.  The clothing is designed to be flattering for any body type.  Each design has a limited quantity in the market so they all feel like originals especially if you come across a unicorn.  Once you set up your company and become a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant, what do you need to do to run your small business?

Your Small Business

Like most small businesses you will be juggling many hats all at the same time.  This small business is different than any other MLM business.  It is a combined mobile and online retail store.  It is also an in person retail shop from your home and a pop up retail shop from your clients home.  That’s a lot to juggle including the following:

  • Inventory Management
  • Scheduling
  • Pop Ups
  • Time Management
  • Travel
  • Money Management

LLR has Build and Bless for their online and mobile system for ordering product and inputting Sales orders.  It is a good system but does not include everything that a small business owner needs to grow their business.  The question is as a small business owner, do you want more?

Hollander & Associates LLR Bookkeeping

H&A can set up and maintain your business through Quick Books Online which allows you the time to sell LuLaRoe products and work on growing your business. Here’s how we can help you:

  • Setup and maintain detailed inventory items utilizing Build Purchase Orders numbers
  • Enter all customers which allows you an all inclusive list for Marketing
  • Enter sales orders from every sale that you make
  • Entry and reconciliation of your bank accounts, credit cards, and your LLR My Funds account
  • Track your giveaways, personal product, customer discounts, expenses, etc
  • Monthly financial statements

What does this mean for you?

As a small business owner, here are some important details you will know by using Hollander & Associates for your LuLaRoe bookkeeping….

  • Where does my business stand at any time and am I profitable?
  • Which client spends the most money?
  • What product sells the most to my clientele?
  • What inventory items am I low on and should I reorder this product?
  • How much did I sell for a given period of time?
  • How much inventory do I have in stock?

Remember with H&A handling all of your bookkeeping needs using QBO, you can also look at any detailed business reports any time you want.

If you are a LLR consultant and would like to discuss how Hollander & Associates can help you with your business, contact us for a free consultation.

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