Money Tips – No Brainers – Part 2

By admin|May 21, 2018

      Some Help on the Road to Your Financial Independence I mentioned last week that we have been writing and posting blogs consistently now for the last several months.  The consistency of this process has really helped us stay current on new money trends and we hope that it is helping you too.  I stumbled upon an article recently that listed several “no brainer” steps to help families

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Money Tips – No Brainers

By admin|May 14, 2018

      Some Help on the Road to Your Financial Independence We have been writing and posting blogs consistently now for the last several months.  It has helped us stay current on lots of new money trends and we hope that it is helping you too.  While doing my research this week, I found a listing of little “snippets” of money advice that I thought I would share with

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Money and Millennial’s

By admin|May 8, 2018

    Your future self will thank you Last year I helped a group of people conduct a study on millennial’s and what keeps them in your area for employment purposes.  It was a very interesting study into the mindset of our biggest employment group since the baby boomer generation.  We pulled tons of statistics to complete the study and I pulled some of it out this weekend to get

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Three Things I Have Learned About Money

By admin|May 1, 2018

        The Simplicity of Personal Finance Over the course of the last several years, I have read a lot about personal finances and I have written a lot, as well. Here are three things that I have found to be true about money and how to best handle it in your life: Savings is Good and Debt is Bad This seems pretty basic – right? So many

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Transform Your Finances

By admin|April 23, 2018

        Take it apart – Organize it – Put it back together One of my favorite things to do is take a piece of furniture and transform it into something new. This has gotten to be quite popular for those of us DIYers. Another thing I love to do is completely change a room with a fresh coat of paint and rearrange the furniture. My husband makes

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Start Your Emergency Fund – Part 2

By admin|April 16, 2018

      It Takes Forever to Save up $1000 It seems like it takes forever to fill an emergency account and accumulate $1,000 in savings.  As soon as I feel like I have a decent start at building my savings, something will happen, and I have to drain it and then start all over again.  It is frustrating, and I always feel like it takes forever.  This is one

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Start Your Emergency Fund

By admin|April 9, 2018

        It Takes Forever to Save up $1,000 Last week, we talked a little bit about the benefits and “secure” feeling you have when you have a little bit of money in the bank.  Establishing an Emergency Fund is not easy and trying to save $50 each week can get you to your goal but it seems like it takes FOREVER to get there.  If you put

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Back to the Basics

By admin|April 3, 2018

        Do you have an emergency fund? Last week, I decided to go out and take a long walk.  I have been trying to concentrate on healthier activities and so I took a little bit of time to take a 5 mile walk down the new Greenways Trail in St. Charles County.  The morning was gorgeous.  The temperature was brisk but the sun was bright and it

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A Few More Tips

By admin|March 27, 2018

      One Simple Change Last week’s blog post offered a few tips to help you “kick start” your financial strategies for 2018.  We had a great response from several readers and so we thought we would provide a few additional tips. Again, this isn’t intended to be a downer but – hopefully – a little wake up call.  Remember all those New Year’s Resolutions that you made??  Lose

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90 Day Wake Up Call

By admin|March 20, 2018

          One Simple Change Do you want to know what is crazy?  Today is the first day of Spring!  Today is March 20, 2018 and we are almost 25% of the way through this calendar year.  I blinked and just a few days ago, we were putting Christmas decorations away. Time continues to march forward and before you know it, we will be celebrating The 4th

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