Graduate Survival Guide

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Graduation is right around the corner.

Before you know it summer will be over and all those graduates will be onto their next endeavors in life. Whether that be college or another path, you want to see the ones you love succeed. Set them on the right path with The Graduate Survival Guide .

This guide has helpful financial tips that would be beneficial to any person’s life. Not only will this guide help your new graduate develop healthy and positive money habits, it will give them a valuable resource that they can refer to for years to come. Check out a few pointers from the guide below.

Student Loans

Try to avoid student loans at all costs. In the long run a student loan will end up costing you more than you wanted to spend and take longer to pay off than you initially thought.

Credit Cards

There is no such thing as “free.” Trapping yourself in a cycle of debt early on is a recipe for disaster and stress.

Dumb Choices

What you do today will impact your future. Making smart choices now will be worth more than the instant gratification factor.

No Plan

Planning is key. From classes, work, and extracurricular activities having a plan can cut down on the stresses of life significantly. Sometimes a plan for your money is forgotten in the mix of things. Budgeting is an important skill that should be incorporated into the plan.

No Money

You may not have money today but taking the steps to plan and save will ensure a bright future. Building the foundation of making good decisions on how to handle money now will help you prosper in the long run.

Here is the link to Dave Ramsey’s The Graduate Survival Guide.  This is a great graduation gift for a high school student!

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