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Why we do what we do…

As a banking branch manager, I have had the pleasure of helping many, many customers over the years.  Customers come in every single day and are looking for ways to improve their personal financial situation or fix a problem that they may have.

Banks sell a lot of products to help clients to save money or help them handle their money in a more convenient way – online banking, automatic bill pay, direct deposits or mobile banking.  As these products are provided to clients at the bank, I could only go so far in REALLY providing a bank client with help and direction.

One of the worst feelings in the world was when a customer would come into the office because they just learned they bounced several checks.  Most of the time, they were sure that it was a bank error but 99% of the time it was because they missed a transaction or made a mistake in their check register.  I can’t tell you the number of times that a customer said something like, “We were busy all week with soccer practices and I completely forgot to make the deposit.”  Or, “We used our debit cards several times and I guess we forgot to write them all down.”

As a manager, I could sit down with the customers and help them find the error (if time allowed!) but it became so frustrating because I couldn’t really help them solve the underlying problem.

Solve the underlying problem

This is the very reason why I left the bank and started “Hollander & Associates”.  Now, I have the ability to sit down with clients to help them establish a real plan for their finances, help them handle their money in a way that helps eliminate crisis situations and take over the monthly bill payments so that they can enjoy every soccer game without a worry.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Are you distracted when you sit in the stands at the soccer games because you are worrying about the car payment being made or wondering (while you are at the checkout lane at the grocery store) if you might be spending part of the electric bill money?

Take a deep breath and send us an email.  Help and relief are just a couple of clicks away.

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