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Owning a business can be satisfying but complicated…

After I finished writing the blog last week, my mind started racing back to so many of the great customers that I had a chance to work with.  As I mentioned before, I have always thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my customers and working to come up with real solutions for any issues they were experiencing.

Initially, I kept thinking about the “personal” clients that I worked with but the more that I thought about it, the “business” clients were also a big part of our consulting efforts.  Business clients experience similar issues and problems but from a very different perspective.

Being a business owner is one of the most satisfying things that a person can do but it is also extremely complicated.  The decision to step into business ownership provides a great sense of pride and satisfaction.  This decision also comes with a great deal of pressure as they attempt to determine proper pricing, create consistent profits and trying to handle employees, payroll and benefits!  Most business owners are very, very good at providing their product or services but are not very good at handling their business finances.

Again, this is where I really wanted to help these customers but I was not able to do so in my position as a bank manager.  I had to start my own business so that I could REALLY help these customers with Daily Money Manager services.

Pass along the Bookkeeping tasks

As business owners are working hard to differentiate themselves from their competition, they often let the financial side of their business slip out of their fingers.  As they are working hard to create the best product possible, they spend late hours around the kitchen table trying to reconcile their business accounts and to send out billing invoices.  In most cases, these late night financial sessions are the last thing that a business owner wants to do!  They love their product but genuinely hate the paperwork.   Late night bookkeeping sessions will cause a business owner to “burn out” quickly or they will let this essential task “take a back seat”.

This is where Hollander & Associates can step in and help a business owner.  If a business owner can simply concentrate on the business and pass along the bookkeeping tasks to us, the business will have a better opportunity to prosper.  Hiring a Daily Money Manager to handle payroll, process payables and receivables plus making sure that all tax payments are made timely will save the expenses of hiring another full-time employee!

Does this sound familiar to you as a business owner?  Put the calculator away and get your evenings back to spend with your family.  Again, take a deep breath and drop us a quick email.  Your free consultation is just a few clicks away.

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