Nightmare Before Christmas Story

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The Christmas Story You Don’t Want to Read

Ok, so…the countdown  to Christmas is on.  Each time you turn on the TV, you see all the holiday commercials trying to entice you to buy what they’re selling.  You start to think about the holidays.  You sit on the couch and start thinking about all that you have to do to get the house decorated.  You take out a yellow pad to start making notes.  You need to get new decorations this year because you have used these for the past two years.  It’s time to freshen up the look.  This year, you need to make the decorations more kid friendly for the little ones.  “It’ll be fun to have train tracks through every room.  Add that to the list!”You consider how many people are on your gift buying list?  “Oh wow, is it really that many?  I thought I cut it down last year.”So, you have the decorations list and the gift buying list, what else?

“Oh yes…food!”You think about the meal you had last year and that you definitely want to have something totally different this year.  You’ll start pinning your ideas to the Pinterest page you created just for this Holiday Season.  You’ve got all bases and food groups covered. You think, “Oh my…I had no idea it would be that much.  Well….we’ve got to eat!”  You think, “what am I forgetting?  Oh yes, what about those that will be staying with me?”  You need to make sure they have good sheets to sleep on and new bath towels.  Your old ones are really bad.  “Add those to the list.”But there seems to be something big you’re forgetting…what is it?  Oh’ll think of it later.  You continue planning and moving the furniture around in your head.  But still,.there’s that nagging thought of what you forgot.  Hhhmmm..Time for bed.  You’re exhausted.  Good night.

3:00a.m. You’re eyes are wide open.  You remember that one thing! That thing that was nagging you is that you realize that you have $76.28 in your checking account.  “How am I going to pay for all this stuff?!”  You were going to start a Christmas savings account last year in January because you had this same horror experience last year and you swore you would not do that again…but you DID!  “Not again!  But I HAVE to get the Christmas decorations! And I HAVE to have food and there’s no way to cut down the gift list anymore. And there’s absolutely no way I can let my guests sleep on those nasty sheets!”

“That’s it… I have no choice.”  Just this one more time, you resolve to use the credit card to get you through the holidays.  “This is the very last time”.  Rrriiight!

If this sounds familiar, then you have a problem.  And that problem…well…it’s YOU!  What do you do about this ongoing problem? could make this your New Year’s Resolutions and then drop it like 87% of the people that make them which means you’ll be right back here again next year.  You could just forget Christmas all together, NOT!  Or ….you could get someone to help you.  “Is there really someone out there that can help me plan for Christmas?  There are financial planners, but you don’t have that kind of money and they don’t just plan for Christmas.I just need someone to help me stay on track and make the right choices.”

Enter…a Daily Money Manager.  More and more people are finding this profession to be the answer to their financial decision making problems.  If you are looking for a way to finally get a plan for your money and stick to it,  a Daily Money Manager can make it happen, regardless of how much money you make.  If you don’t have a plan for it, it will find a way out…..out of your hands and into someone elses and you’ll never see it happen.  If you’re tired of the money hassles, contact a Daily Money Manager today and start taking charge of where your money is going.

For more reasons to hire a DMM, check out this article:  Is It Time to Hire a Daily Money Manager?



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