Organized Living

Organization is something that many of us may struggle with, especially if we lead very busy lives.  Studies indicate that clutter has negative effects on us.

Here are some findings of the studies as posted in the Huffington Post:

  •  Decluttering can save 15%-20% of your annual budget due to better decision-making

  •  9 in 10 experts say decluttering helps increase the value of property

  •  Children in decluttered classrooms perform 13% better in test results

  • People’s feelings in an organized space are: 83% more productive, 71% more accomplished,    68% more in control of their life and 43% more relaxed

Hollander & Associates recognizes the need for organized living in how it relates to families in this way as well as the finances.  We are working with families to provide a living space where not only their finances are in order, but so is their home.  We are not contractors or remodelers, but we do restore organization to a cluttered home.  If you have a space that you feel is just too overwhelming to tackle and feel anxious every time you pass by, then contact H&A for a good dose of organization. We would be happy to help bring calmness to that cluttered space.

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