Jason Greer of Greer Consulting shares his thoughts about Hollander & Associates:  “They made me feel like I was part of a family – a member of their team. They will give you the freedom to do what YOU do best…”

Trent of Creve Coeur, MO: The Dave Ramsey classes and the H&A program have both literally saved our marriage. We had money saved when we got married in ’01 and used a large portion of it on our honeymoon to Italy. Then we were blessed with a baby in ’03 and two babies in ’04. We drained our savings on my maternity leaves then started using credit cards to live on. There just wasn’t another way to do it. Fast forward a few years…and a move from SC to MO…the debt kept accruing and we were clueless how to get out of it.

Janine of O’Fallon, MO:  Peace of Mind! The feeling our family has knowing that our financial matters are professionally handled. Melissa and her team have gone above and beyond to help our family keep financial peace.  Takes the worry out of our “end of month” with balanced budgeting. Melissa helps us have confidence that we can be smart about our finances and even save up for special events without sacrificing our budget.

Gene of Minneapolis, MN: The only regret I have about this program we are on now, is that I wish we would’ve started on it 5 years ago!  It has restructured our spending accounts and taught us how to be more frugal. At times , It feels like we should’ve known how to do it all ourselves, but our ideas about money  are very different, and that kept us from agreeing on it for years.

Marc of Belleville, IL:  I am so thankful for Melissa and her team. I suffer from some mental issues and needed some help in keeping my finances straight. Since signing up with Hollander and Associates, my bills are paid on time; my debt is steadily decreasing; and I have a nice allowance to have a bit of fun. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who needs a bit of help managing their finances.

Jeanette of O’Fallon, MO: Even if you don’t decide this is for you, give Hollander & Associates a call and meet with the team. They are a wealth of knowledge and  I think the world of H&A…

Mindy of St. Peters, MO: Thank you so much for the work that you have done for us to help us see the light.

Barbara of Algonquin, IL: It is because of the H&A team that things are sooo much better.

Tamara of St. Peters, MO: Thank you. I have been thinking today at work about when you took us on as clients…how little did you know what kind of mess you were walking into!!!!!!  I firmly believe God had a hand in it, and I am very thankful. 

Tina of O’Fallon, MO: Just a quick THANK YOU for your time, support and expertise yesterday. I enjoy our meetings and always walk away feeling thankful for H&A!!

A St. Charles, MO CPA: Your book work was great.  I wish all my clients gave me QuickBooks in such great order.  Keep doing what you did.  (this was from a local CPA who we partner with on a business client)

Sade of O’Fallon, MO: You did an amazing job on my account and I definitely had peace of mind.

Bill from West County, MO: “Thanks again for a wonderful year of support and encouragement. Just know we are able to manage our finances successfully without worry and stress is a genuine BLESSING”.

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