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Take it apart – Organize it – Put it back together

One of my favorite things to do is take a piece of furniture and transform it into something new. This has gotten to be quite popular for those of us DIYers. Another thing I love to do is completely change a room with a fresh coat of paint and rearrange the furniture. My husband makes fun of me for painting our house so many times. He says I’ve cut down the square footage with all the coats of paint. There’s probably some truth to that. And I can’t count the times I have rearranged our furniture which is another joke around our house.

Transforming something to a more efficient or organized manner can totally change your perspective, your mood and ,as studies have shown, your stress level.

As I thought about it more, I focused in on what we do at Hollander & Associates and it’s really very similar – We help our clients transform their finances. We take them apart, organize them and put them all back together in a more efficient and manageable manner. In essence, we make them pretty again. (Thank you, Nicole Curtis. For my fellow DIYers)

A couple of years ago, we had a new small business owner bring us his year of business in a shoe box. We took his shoe box and unpacked it. We organized the information, set him up in Quickbooks and started handling his day-to-day bookkeeping for his business.Now, he always knows his books are organized and up-to-date which allows him to keep an eye on his “bottom line” very easily. He still keeps his shoe box but, just as a reminder of his progress.

Last year we had a personal client drop off a tub of mail. As a full-time truck driver and a single dad of two, the last thing he wanted to do after being on the road all week, was to go through the mail. We unloaded the tub, discarded the junk and organized the important stuff. We created a budget with the bills and now take care of paying them for him while he spends his weekends with his kids.

I can’t tell you the people that have come to us feeling embarrassed or fearful of what we’re going to think of them or their “mess”. We have written blogs about it and the fact that we don’t judge our clients or their “messes”. We honestly see those “messes” as pieces of furniture that just need a little “love”. They need to be taken apart, organized and put back together.

The ability to provide such a service as this is what we enjoy. We truly feel honored to work with our clients in a way where we can create a point of “calm” in their very busy lives.

You may be a small business owner trying to handle your own bookkeeping to keep your expenses down, but you find yourself exhausted and frustrated. You may be a busy professional trying to keep all the “balls in the air” – family,home, career, (fill in the blank). We can all use a little help,but finances are seldom where we request the help! Remember, you have soccer games or gymnastics or business meetings pulling at you in all directions.Your best plan may not be trying to handle your finances on top of your already busy schedule.Trying to make a car payment on your mobile app while sitting on the bleachers at a soccer game, probably isn’t a good idea,especially when you don’t know your “true” checking account balance. Those little Starbucks charges seem to always get forgotten about.

What if we told you there is a way to make sure all your payments are getting made on time each month? What if we told you that you won’t have any more overdraft charges or late fees because you forgot to make a payment? What if we told you that you will have money going into the savings account like you had always planned and there was actually a little money left over at the end of the month? What if we told you that your money is actually being managed for you according to your budget plan we helped you create?

Is this sounding like something you would like to know more about? Click the “CONTACT US” button that will take you directly to our website at – It stands for Hollander & Associates, Daily Money Managers. We have been doing this for over ten years now and have enjoyed seeing the financial transformations of our clients.Let us take your shoe box or “mess” and help you transform your finances into something new.

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